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Big 12 Realignment: Kansas City Mayor Writes Letter Urging Missouri To Stay In Big 12

Just last week is what the Kansas City Sports Commission that wrote a letter to urge Missouri to stay in the Big 12. Now Kansas City Mayor Sly Jame is getting in on the action and sent a letter to Missouri Board of Curators let his feelings be known that Missouri should stay in the Big 12:

The University of Missouri fan base is abundant in the Kansas City area. More than 20,000 MU alumni call this area home, and the local chapter of the Mizzou Alumni Association has the third-largest membership in the nation.

Keeping Big 12 competition in or near Kansas City makes sense - for you, your fans and the state of Missouri. The Big 12 Basketball Championships at Sprint Center and Municipal Auditorium are prime examples. The Championship is an important economic engine for our region, generating more than $14 million a year, and scheduled to remain in this state through 2014. It is imperative for that money should remain in the Show-Me State.

We strongly encourage you to weigh this decision with care. Kansas City gains a lot from its affiliation with the University of Missouri. Conversely, we also stand to lose a lot should that change. We believe this region collectively values University of Missouri athletics - has, does and will - to a degree that won't be replicated elsewhere. And that staying here, in the Big 12 Conference, within your home region and among your fans and rivals is the right decision to honor your history, fulfill your present, and secure your future.


The full letter can be found here.

Looks like everyone but the University wants to stay in the Big 12 and not make the move to the SEC.

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