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Blaine Gabbert Update: Rookie Survives Pittsburgh Road Trip In Loss

Blaine Gabbert, a day removed from his 22nd birthday, played about as well as any rookie starting at Pittsburgh would. Gabbert was a scant 12 of 26 for 109 yards passing and a touchdown, but despite being sacked five times, never fumbled and did not throw an interception.

Right now there's little Gabbert can show in his rookie campaign, as the Jaguars are woeful at almost every position around the young quarterback. The offensive line started two rookies, and the receivers are what a positive cliche mongerer might deem "rag tag." Jacksonville is second to last in the league in scoring, and managed only 13 points against Pittsburgh.

The 1-5 Jags hadn't loss five games in a row since 2001. Unfortunately, the schedule doesn't leave the NFC North and its trademark physical defense, as the Jags return home to host Baltimore, favored by ten on the road, next Monday night.