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Big 12 Realignment: New York Times Reports Missouri To SEC Is 'Inevitable And Imminent'

The question of will they or won’t they will soon be answered if a report from the New York Times is accurate. Specifically, Pete Thamel is reporting that a close source to Missouri is describing a move to the SEC as a future certainty and the only real question that remains is the timing of the affair.

Thamel writes, “The person said that Missouri’s decision to apply for membership to the SEC was “inevitable and imminent,” although a specific timeframe has yet to be set…After Missouri applies, the person said that it expects “no problems” with gathering enough votes among SEC presidents to become a member.”

Recently, many officials have been publicly pushing Missouri to stay with the Big 12, but the lure of the megaconference has kept analysts wondering whether the carrot danging will be too tempting to not jump for. Now at the very least, the Big 12 can start to move forward with plans of its own.