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Possible Missouri To SEC Move Could Kill Kansas-Mizzou Rivalry According To Bill Self

Bill Self is ready to move on. He’s also keen to believe that Kansas Jayhawk fans are ready to do the same thing. With the news that Missouri could possibly bolt soon — today, even? — for the SEC, it’s clear that some things will change in terms of the long held rivalries that fans of the Big 12 are used to. Apparently the KU-Mizzou rivalry is one of them.

“The Missouri fans want us to play, but I’m not sure Kansas fans care,” Self said at a recent media day. “If they’re not in our league then we should do what’s best for us. If it’s to play them in the Sprint Center, then so be it. But I’m not sure that will be the case.”

It’s a cold shoulder toward Missouri and that might be the general feeling of the Big 12 toward Missouri overall at this point. They’re ready to move on if they need to and the soap opera surrounding the Tigers has lasted long enough for the others involved. It’ll be interesting to see whether fans back up Coach Self or not when everything is said and done.