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Brad Madison Vs. Levy Adcock: Matchup To Watch

Over at CBS Sports' NFL Draft Blog, Rob Rang breaks down the pivotal match-up between Missouri DE Brad Madison and Oklahoma State LT Levy Adcock, both considered NFL prospects:

Adcock (#73/6-5/322/5.23) has successfully switched from right to left tackle, though his body type and movement will probably keep him on the strong side of the formation in the NFL. He faces yet another tough test, however, in Madison (#57/6-4/265/4.76), a junior pass rusher who plays with power but needs to impress scouts with hustle after his initial movement because Adcock is strong enough to withstand his bullish moves. OSU quarterback Brandon Weeden generally gets rid of the ball quickly but is not very mobile so Madison may have a chance to reach him if he uses his hands to disengage from Adcock.

A good pass rush is the best way to stop Oklahoma State's dominant passing attack, with 28-year old former minor league baseball player Brandon Weeden at QB and Justin Blackmon, last year's Biletnikoff Award winner, at WR. If Madison cannot sustain pressure on Weeden, it's likely to be a long game for the Tigers defense.

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