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Missouri Board Of Curators Gives Power To Brady Deaton To Decide On SEC Or Big 12

The University of Missouri’s Board of Curators met today in a meeting that many Big 12 and SEC fans are waiting on (not to mention the sportswriters who cover the same areas) and the results are finally in. At a press conference set immediately after the 90-minute Curators’ meeting, it was announced that Missouri Chancellor Brady Deaton can make all decisions on realignment. That means that one person has the power to change the Big 12 and the SEC at this point.

After opening with remarks that they’ve taken special action this morning, the meeting turned to other university business for some time. Yet the moment everyone waited for finally came through when the decision to back Deaton was announced. It’s still not the final step, but Deaton says he’s going to do the proper research and diligence to figure out the best step for Missouri at this time.