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Kansas City Media Guessing That Missouri Is Gone To SEC Given Language At Press Conference

Local Kansas City area sportswriters are reading the tea leaves from today’s press conference scheduled after the Board of Curators meeting for the University of Missouri that the Tigers are likely gone to the SEC after all. This comes in response to other actions announced that are likely to serve as public relations moves to continue to buoy the fan base in the Kansas City area.

Doug Stewart immediately said via Twitter, “Hard to think Mizzou would host a basketball tourney and fb game in KC if they were staying in the Big 12.” Matt Tait agreed, “MU’s gone. Language hiding it but you don’t explore a tourney in KC and a football game at Arrowhead if you’re staying… #justsayitalready.”

Pete Thamel of the New York Times writes, “My take: The loss of the Big 12 Tournament and title game would be a huge financial hit to KC. They are finding a way to replace those.”

This is going to be complicated moving forward, but the move is starting to become clearer at this point.