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Missouri Tries To Save Kansas Rivalry While Unleashing New Round Of Realignment

Many have pointed to Missouri's flirtation with the Big Ten last year as the first domino in the conference realignment process that has dramatically altered the college sports landscape. Now, after a brief moment for everyone to catch their breath, Missouri's decision today is likely to further accelerate the process.

The Tigers Board of Directors voted unanimously to give Chancellor Brady Deaton the sole power to seek new conference realignment. With Missouri's continued frustration with the balance of power in the Big 12 and the Big 10 seemingly standing still at 12 teams, it's a clear indication of the school's desire to join the SEC, currently looking for a 14th team to balance the addition of Texas A&M earlier this year.

In the same press conference, they announced they would try to create an annual basketball tournament and football game in Kansas City, an olive branch to continue the school's oldest rivalry with the Kansas Jayhawks, whom they are leaving behind in the Big 12.

Without Missouri, the Big 12 is left at only nine times, including newly added conference member TCU. Now the rest of the country, particularly the weakened Big East, must wait to see which programs the Big 12 will try to add to replace the Tigers.