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Missouri To SEC?: If Tigers Leave, MIzzou Still Wants Kansas Rivalry Intact

Bill Self earlier said he could care less to keep a rivalry going with Missouri just in case the Kansas Jayhawks lose their Big 12 rivals to the SEC. Apparently the Tigers do not feel the same. At least one party is interesting continuing the relationship after conference affiliations might be over as Missouri Chancellor Brady Deaton spoke today at the press conference following the Board of Curators meeting.

Deaton said, “Absolutely we want to continue our rivalry with Kansas.” It’s the exact opposite of what Kansas basketball head coach Bill Self said earlier, but if one party wants to dance, it’s always a possibility. And Self certainly doesn’t speak for KU officially on this matter.

Then again, Self also says he feels that KU fans could feel the same way. If so, then a nice rivalry has ended in the name of conference realignment. It’s no surprise really given that the last two years in college athletics have done this to a number of schools. Yet here’s hoping the two can work things out and keep some kind of competitive relationship.