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Big 12 Realignment: Interim Commish Chuck Neinas Still Publicly Speaks Of Keeping Missouri Away From SEC

The gut feeling of mostly everyone surrounding the Missouri Tigers and their conference plans are that they’ll head for the SEC and the profile it brings, especially on the football field. But some, at least publicly, are still hoping there’s a chance the Tigers stick with their longtime home in the Big 12.

Interim Big 12 Commissioner Chuck Neinas gave some public remarks today about the results of the Missouri Board of Curators meeting concerning the university’s possible move to the SEC and Neinas insisted he was still hoping to speak to the sense of tradition and history in the league to keep Mizzou in the Big 12. He noted that the team has been around this same conference in some way or another since 1907 and that he hopes to speak to them soon.

However, Neinas has been active enough that you know the university is bound to have a well thought out contingency plan if and when Missouri does bolt for greener pastures. Several names have been circulated and there’s simply too much money involved not to have an excellent gameplan. That said, Neinas is doing everything he can to at least posture the conference toward some kind of resolution and understanding for Missouri to stay.