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Missouri To SEC: Tigers Reportedly Withdrawing From Big 12 Today

Could the long anticipated decision of the Missouri Tigers to join the SEC be finally resolved tonight? Per Gabe DeArmond of, he seems to think so:

Have received more info confirming what I wrote yesterday that #Mizzou will withdraw from Big 12 today. Only ? is when/how news comes out. @GabeDeArmond via Twitter

If Missouri withdraws from the Big 12, that will leave the turn-key conference back with nine schools available for the 2012-13 football season. However, Oklahoma athletic director Joe Castiglione said the Big 12 has a "Plan A" and "Plan 1A" but wouldn't speak on specific teams outside of BYU. For what its worth, Castiglione has always been supportive of Missouri and hoping that the Tigers would stay in the Big 12.

Along with BYU, other rumored teams to come in and join the Big 12 conference are West Virginia, Tulane, Cincinnati, Louisville, Air Force and Memphis.