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Big 12 Bound: West Virginia Reportedly Set To Replace Missouri's Exit To SEC, Will Leave Big East

While everything at this point remains unofficial, it’s clear that the rumors are true and everything is falling into place as conferences shift and new relationships form. The New York Post is reporting this morning that West Virginia is as good as gone in the Big East and their new home is the Big 12. It’s a step that brings a Top 25 football school into the Big 12, adding another prominent power to the mix of Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and others.

The Post reports that the move will come after one more full year of Missouri. Lenn Robbins writes, “The Big 12 held a board of directors meeting yesterday, and a source said the league’s plan is to hold on to Missouri, which wants to leave for the SEC, for one more year and then replace it with West Virginia.”

It’s clear that Big 12 teams will have to prep their travel budgets. That’s going to be one long ride.