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Big East Exit: West Virginia Is 'Most Damaging' Departure For Conference

The New York Post is reporting this morning that the West Virginia University Mountaineers are indeed leaving the Big East for the Big 12 after rumors circulated yesterday that something was officially happening. And now it’s also clear that the Big East is in more trouble than some might have realized. That’s because, according to one source, losing West Virginia hurts more than any other.

“Of all the schools the league has lost, from a football standpoint losing West Virginia would be the most damaging,” a source told The Post. “Despite what anyone says, that’s the program the league has hung its hat on.”

The Big 12 might not be finished grabbing pieces from the Big East since West Virginia is geographically isolated away from the rest of the Big 12. It makes sense to add some more counterparts in the region, including Louisville as a real possibility. For now, West Virginia helps anchor the conference after the loss of Missouri and Texas A&M to the SEC.