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Missouri To SEC?: Brady Deaton Says Patience Is Required For Big 12 Decision

Brady Deaton appeared on the radio this morning at KOMU and told the listening audience that patience was going to be required in any decision that the University of Missouri makes.

“Let me say, I’m very sympathetic,” said Deaton, “but what I hope they will understand is that it’s not a set of issues that one can press a button and be done with.”

The choice between the Big 12 and the SEC is a major one for a school that cannot just make the move for money alone. It’s about putting the school in the best position over the long haul by also analyzing its current and future relationships, traditions and business possibilities over the next several years or more. That’s not something that happens quickly.

That said, most believe that Missouri is already out the door as West Virginia is reportedly waiting for them to leave to replace them in 2013 as they leave the Big East. Still nothing is certain yet so stay tuned for more details.