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Big 12 Realignment: West Virginia Officially Joins Big 12 Conference

The conference realignment puzzle has now taken another turn as West Virginia has officially agreed to join the Big 12 conference, via the Charleston Gazette.

In other words, if Missouri does as expected and withdraws from the Big 12, WVU would be the replacement and the league would be at 10 teams. But if Big 12 officials are able to convince Missouri to remain and not move to the SEC, West Virginia's addition would bring the conference to 11 members.

This is a victory for the Big 12 conference to add a school like West Virginia, but it's also a huge loss for the Big East conference, which continues to be decimated by all of the realignment movement. The Big 12 has gone on the offense in regards to adding TCU and now West Virginia to the conference after losing Nebraska and Colorado, and Texas A&M and possibly Missouri to the SEC.