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Big 12 Realignment: Hold The Phone With West Virginia As Louisville Pushes Hard For Invite

Just when it appeared that West Virginia to the Big 12 Conference was a done deal, it appears that has been a snag in talks. At first, many wondered if West Virginia being added to the conference was contingent on Missouri leaving for the SEC. It was found that West Virginia had an invitation to join the conference independently of how the Missouri situation plays out. Then things rapidly changed overnight.

Apparently West Virginia is now in a standstill and waiting to be told when and where they will be landing. Louisville, lead by U.S. Senator Mitch McConnel is lobbying hard with persons within the Big 12 to have their name thrown into the mix. According to a report from the New York Times (via ESPN)-

"I think it's 50-50 right now between West Virginia and Louisville."

So what we thought we knew about Big 12 expansion through yesterday, may not be exactly be the case. The sticking point still seems to be Missouri. Once their intentions are announced, it seemingly makes it easier for the chips to fall into place.