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West Virginia In 'Holding Pattern' With Big 12 Realignment

Put those frequent flyer miles to Morgantown on hold for just a minute, seems like nothing is officially set in stone as of yet. After news began to circulate yesterday that West Virginia's ticket was stamped to the Big 12, along with the news of Missouri "officially" asking out of the Big seems that the Big 12 has yet to make their mind up as to who will join them moving forward.

: Just filed to NYT: After being told it was accepted to Big12, WVU in holding pattern. Its "50-50" and "too close to call" with Lville.

Louisville definitely seems like a more realistic choice for the Big 12 from a geographical perspective, but what Louisville provides from a travel convenience the Mountaineers have proven to be a legit commodity performing on the football field.

The Louisville Cardinals are 22-27 over the last four seasons, while the West Virginia Mountaineers are 38-14.