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SEC Expansion: Commish Mike Slive Admits Exploring Expanded Schedules For Conference (Read: Missouri)

The commissioner of the SEC, Mike Slive, admitted today that the SEC is exploring expanded schedules for the conference — ones that include both 13 and 14 teams. The 13th team, Texas A&M, is already in and the Aggies will join conference play in 2012-13. However, the SEC has held to this point the possibility that they are fine where they are and allowed the Big 12 to do most of the public speaking about when and where Missouri might go. Not so anymore.

Now with the admission that a 14th team is being explored, that greases the wheel for Missouri to officially apply to be that very team. It’s likely been in the works all along and simply a formality to go through all of the right — and painful — steps along the way to save any legal issues. But it’s finally seeming like this whole ordeal can be put behind everyone once the SEC opens its doors and Missouri publicly declares its intentions. That’s good news for all involved.