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Missouri To SEC: 'Web Vendor Made Mistake' Is Official Explanation For Premature Post

One mishap is soon becoming an odd trail that makes no sense at all. But the worst is the official explanation from the SEC about the reason behind everything in the first place.

For those who missed it, the SEC posted on its web site last night an official announcement welcoming Missouri as the 14th member of the conference. It was taken down, but in this age of Twitter, it was saved and the SEC was found out. Now, the word coming from the public relations department of the SEC is that a “web vendor made a mistake.” A web vendor.

Clearly the page was already made. It’s obvious someone had information and was making it official. Whether or not the web vendor posted it on the wrong day, the decisions have already been made. For anyone wondering if there’s a slight chance that Missouri could not go to the SEC, that slim hope is now completely removed. Missouri is going to the SEC. Thanks to a web vendor, we are all now privy to what we’ve believed for some time.