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Missouri Schedules Meeting To Discuss Big 12 Realignment

The Board of Curators at Missouri announced they will hold a meeting tomorrow to discuss the school's place in conference realignment. 

Mike DeArmond
mizzou board of curators meeting set in st. Louis for tuesday including pm session with media.


At various points in the last year, the fate of the Big 12 has depended on decisions made by Texas and Oklahoma. Now, for the first time, it appears that Missouri is in the drivers seat. 

New commissioner Chuck Neinas has been wooing the school while the conference has been frantically reworking its revenue sharing and TV deals to address the Tigers' concerns about its long-term stability.

The school was rumored to have an invitation to follow Texas A&M into the SEC and become the conference's 14th member if the Big 12 fell apart. Now, with the conference clinging to life and discussing possible expansion targets, it desperately needs a gesture of commitment from Missouri after tomorrow's meeting.