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Missouri Board Gives Chancellor Authority To Explore Conference Realignment

The Big 12 Conference could once again be on shaky ground after Missouri's board of curators met on Tuesday and gave Chancellor Brady Deaton full approval to explore conference realignment. While the move doesn't explicitly say that Missouri is leaving the Big 12, the move sounds like that the school will at the very least explore all of its available opportunities. 

There it is: Deaton has unanimous board approval to explore conference realignment
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The Big 12 recently reworked its revenue sharing to a more equal system that would disperse its television money. That was done in part to address Missouri's concerns about the long term stability of the conference. The Big 12 will be looking for each of its nine members to accept the deal. 

Missouri has long been rumored as a potential target to become the SEC's 14th member if the Big 12 conference falls apart. Today's decision by the board sounds like the school is going to at least take a hard look at all available options.