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SEC Will Not Comment On Missouri Tigers Situation Today With Big 12

Will they or won’t they? That’s the big question today and for the immediate future facing the Missouri Tigers as everyone connected to either the SEC or the Big 12 is more than curious about what the Tigers will end up choosing. Yesterday, Mizzou Chancellor Brady Deaton gave the university permission to explore the possibility of a new home for the MU athletics program. That said, there’s only one real destination in mind for the Tigers: the SEC.

So everyone is waiting today for some kind of word out of Missouri’s camp or even from the SEC. But for their part, the SEC says nothing is forthcoming. It’s up to the school, in other words, to make the first move or declaration — at least today. Mike DeArmond of the KC Star sent a message on Twitter today that “Charles Bloom of the SEC just emailed that there will be no statement today out of the Southeastern Conference on the Missouri situation.”

For now it’s a chess game wondering where Mizzou will end up going. There’s so much smoke that it’s hard to believe they’ll end up staying, but it’s been a fuzzy picture from the beginning in terms of Missouri’s future. Chuck Neinas, interim commish of the Big 12, has been wooing Missouri to stay with hopes of adding other teams like Brigham Young. As for now, it seems mum’s the word.