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Big Ten Not Discussed In Missouri Board Meeting

It's looking like the SEC or nothing in the latest round of conference realignment for Missouri.

Dm_joplin_2_normalBeen told Big Ten was not mentioned as an option for #Mizzou during yesterday's curators meeting.— @Dave_Matter via Twitter

The Tigers' flirtations with the Big Ten last year were one of the first visible cracks in the Big 12's solidarity. But the Big Ten hasn't expressed much interest in expanding past twelve teams after taking Nebraska instead last year.

Missouri's emphasis on the importance of conference stability is a shot across the bow of the Big 12, which has lost Colorado, Nebraska and Texas A&M in the last year and has been tied to expansion rumors with over a half-dozen teams in the Big East and the Mountain West.

If the Big Ten is off the table, the question now is whether the SEC will be willing to add Missouri at the risk of tearing apart the Big 12.