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Texas Reportedly Agrees To Not Air High School Content On The Longhorn Network

According to a report by Chip Brown of, Texas has agreed not to air any high school content on the Longhorn Network for the next six years. The move comes as officials from the Big 12 are working hard to save the conference after news of Missouri's decision to explore its options with conference realignment. 

It is not known if this decision will have any effect on Missouri's decision on whether or not to stay in the Big 12. Missouri was seeking a proposal that would run for the remaining 13 years of the conference's TV deal with Fox. However, while agreeing to remove high school sports from its programming, Texas opted for just a six year commitment as a compromise. 

The Longhorn Network's potential airing of high school sports was met by opposition within the Big 12 and was a major factor in Texas A&M's decision to leave the Big 12 for the SEC. According to the report, Missouri and Oklahoma were both pushing hard for the high school restrictions.