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Big 12 Realignment: Missouri Is A Few Votes Short Of Joining SEC, According To Report

The University of Missouri's decision on whether or not to join the SEC conference may be put on hold as a few SEC school's are holding out for a 'better option", according to Jon Solomon of the Birmingham News.

Missouri needs nine votes in order to be accepted as the newest member of the SEC conference, but are falling a few votes short right now according to reports.

Thursday's news that TCU has decided to join the Big 12 may not have an impact on Missouri's decision, but it will make life easier for the remaining Big 12 schools. Alabama is reportedly looking for the newest member to come from the East, while Auburn favors adding Missouri in an attempt to move to the Eastern division.

The SEC has a problem in that it currently has 13 schools and that presents a problem when trying to make schedules even for their respective sports.