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Missouri Does Not Have Necessary Votes To Join SEC, According To A Report

The Missouri Tigers are still on the fence if they want to stay in the Big 12 or pack up and head to the SEC. However, Missouri may not have the necessary votes to join the SEC. Missouri needs nine out of the 12 votes and according to the Birmingham News Missouri has a majority, but not enough of a majority:

Two sources familiar with the SEC's discussions about Missouri told The Birmingham News Wednesday that as of now it appears that a majority of SEC presidents and chancellors would support Missouri's application. But the sources said that majority falls just short of the nine votes required to add a new member.

One source said there's a group of presidents that wants to sit tight, believing the SEC can do better than Missouri and that No. 14 should come from the East. According to both sources, Alabama wants to look East and not risk losing its annual game against Tennessee, while Auburn favors adding Missouri and moving to the Eastern Division.

One other key reason that Missouri may not have enough votes is due to an anonymous quote from a Missouri official who said "that's what's left," in reference to the SEC. That official also said that joining the Big 10 is still Missouri's first choice, but the league has no interest in Missouri. That quote may have irked some of the SEC schools and chose to not vote in Missouri.