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Big 12 Realignment: Kansas City Sports Commission Wants Missouri To Stay

The Missouri Tigers have wandering eyes toward the SEC, but there is at least one group in the Missouri area that does not want to see Missouri leave the Big 12 for the SEC. The group in question is the Kansas City Sports Commission who wrote an open letter to Missouri chancellor Brady Deaton to urge him to think of the rivalries and economic impact to the area if Missouri does go to the SEC:

We know that many factors must be considered, including the academic, financial, and alumni relations implications of your decision. And, of course, the history and future of your University's athletic program.

That program, as you know, has Midwestern roots more than a century old... We cannot imagine the University of Missouri's athletics tilting away from this region and the athletic history to which they have contributed so mightily


We know that this is a complex and emotional decision. But we want you to know that we believe this region collectively values University of Missouri athletics -- has, does, and will -- to a degree that won't be replicated elsewhere. And that staying here, in the Big 12 conference that won't be replicated elsewhere. And that staying here, in the Big 12 conference, within your home region and among your fans and rivals is the right decision. To honor your history. To fulfill your present. To secure your future.

The entire letter can be found here.