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Heisman Trophy Race: Could Boise State Quarterback Kellen Moore Win By Default?

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Another week into the college football season means that we're closer to knowing more about the Heisman Trophy race than ever before. Andrew Luck is in the lead in our rankings, but Kellen Moore is close and actually deserves the award (in our opinion). Check out reasons below for these players and others competing to be the best player in college football.

1. Andrew Luck (Stanford quarterback)

NFL teams consider to drool over the lottery pick that leads the third-highest scoring offense in the country. Can anyone honestly say they thought Stanford would be this good even after their confident head coach, Jim Harbaugh, left for the NFL? Luck sure has eased the transition for the coaching staff. Most recently, Luck completed 20 of 30 passes, good for 3 touchdowns, in a win over Oregon State.

2. Kellen Moore (Boise State quarterback)

It has been my mantra all season that Moore is deserving of this award even if he's not every seriously considered. But suddenly, after Richardson and Alabama fell against LSU, I can't see how Moore would be anywhere on this list but second. ESPN agrees. If Luck and the Cardinals stumble down the stretch against Oregon and/or Notre Dame, and Moore and company wins out, does he win the Heisman by default? We'll have to wait and see, but the Broncos have their biggest challenge in a while Saturday against TCU.

3. Case Keenum (Houston quarterback)

If not the Heisman, at least comeback player of the year. Keenum's stats suggest that things are a little too easy for him. And perhaps, playing Houston's schedule, they are. He followed up a nine-touchdown performance against Rice by completing 39 of 44 passes for 407 yards and two touchdowns against UAB. I smell more stat-padding ahead, but will it be enough to earn an invitation to New York.

4. Trent Richardson (Alabama running back)

It wasn't an amazing effort, but it also wasn't terrible. Rushing for 89 yards on 23 carries against LSU is a pretty good day at the office by most counts. But the "L" that appeared next to Alabama's name is what Richardson will have to overcome, fairly or unfairly. Richardson will have to really dazzle the voters in the Crimson Tide's final three games to have any chance at the trophy.

5. LaMichael James (Oregon running back)

Another running back has creeped into the quarterback-dominated race. James' two missed games this season makes him a tough sell, but a win this weekend against Stanford could change all that. He's certainly one of the big reasons why Oregon is 8-1 and #7 in the BCS. Who else this year has rushed for over 200 yards three games in a row? James also averages eight yards a carry, has a 90-yard run, and has scored 10 touchdowns on the season. I can't wait to see what he and the Ducks do against Stanford this weekend.