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Aldon Smith Adds Two Tackles In San Francisco 49ers Win Over New York Giants

Aldon Smith has been among the favorites for NFC Defensive Rookie of the Year thus far and despite his lack of quarterback sacks last night, it's clear that he's part of a unit that made life difficult for Brandon Jacobs and the rest of the Giants running attack and Eli Manning couldn't do enough over the top to win against the impressive 49ers, who remain the NFL's second best team behind the world champion Green Bay Packers.

Smith has 6.5 sacks in the 49ers first 9 games of the season and he's been a major part of a defensive force that has turned the 49ers around this season as perhaps the best bet in the NFL to make the playoffs this point outside of the Packers. Jim Harbaugh will get most of the credit as the team's first year head coach, but Smith also has earned his first round pick. The former Mizzou star certainly makes his alma mater look good.