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2011 Big 12 Bowl Projections: As The State Of Oklahoma Goes, So Does The Conference

The December 3 Bedlam rivalry will shape the entire Big 12 bowl picture, with currently as many as nine teams in consideration.

Oklahoma State has a clear shot to play in their first BCS Championship if they can get past rival Oklahoma, but that game has a far-reaching impact on the entire Big 12 conference's post season schedule. 

The Cowboys would likely clinch a bid to the BCS Championship if they can finish the season undefeated - a road trip to Iowa State and the massive showdown against Oklahoma in Stillwater are all that remain. Some BCS projections have the Sooners still making the Fiesta Bowl as a BCS at-large with two losses, however, if Oklahoma wins Bedlam, several scenarios could skew, including Oklahoma State falling from the BCS Standings past even an at-large bid. 

It's unlikely that either Oklahoma school will leave the BCS picture altogether, which bumps up the Big 12's remaining bowl eligible teams. Kansas State is in line for their first Cotton Bowl invitation in a decade if they can win out or even split against Iowa State and Texas. 

Behind K State and the two Oklahoma schools, every Big 12 team is alive for a bowl bid except Kansas. Baylor and Texas each have six wins, while Missouri, Texas A&M, Iowa State and Texas Tech each have five. It's possible for all nine to become eligible, but which bowl they'll land in is still a messy picture.

Of the teams with six wins or less, Texas is obviously the most coveted by selection committees, and will likely end up in the Holiday or Alamo Bowls if they can win a seventh game. The "loser" of the Big 12 bowl race will end up in warm, sunny New York City for the Pinstripe Bowl, with the Red Raiders currently the projected winner to play Rutgers in Yankees Stadium.

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