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Missouri's Gary Pinkel Arrested For Drunk Driving, Released On Bond

Pinkel was released on $500 bond for his first offense.

Missouri Tigers head coach Gary Pinkel was arrested according to a report from KOMU for driving under the influence of alcohol. He was subsequently released on a $500 bond. This was his first offense.

As the report says, "Deputies pulled Pinkel over for lane and signal violations on Keene Street near Broadway around 10 p.m. The sheriff's department said this is Pinkel's first offense, and deputies said he was cooperative."

Inevitably, this will bring up some questions from fans, parents, boosters and media about Pinkel's status as a role model for the players and a failure to live up to that, but a first offense should blow over in time. After all, this particular coaching issue pales in comparison to a certain larger national scandal going on. Everything seems relative at a time like this.