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Missouri Vs. Texas Tech: Tigers Odds Of Making Bowl Game At 75 Percent Says ESPN

ESPN’s David Ubben, the site’s Big 12 blogger, has set the odds of the Missouri Tigers making a bowl game at 75 percent. That’s likely a low number at this point given the momentum the Tigers should be feeling after their 17-5 win over Texas and the upcoming slate of games that stand in their way. Then again, it’s hard to tell what exactly will happen since Missouri certainly didn’t expect to be 5-5 at this point in the season.

Gary Pinkel will not be coaching Saturday’s game — in fact, he’s not even allowed back until next Thursday after his DWI arrest — but that shouldn’t stop the Tigers from winning against Texas Tech this weekend. Even if they happen to lose to the Red Raiders somehow, Mizzou needs to beat the hapless Kansas Jayhawks in the final game of conference play to be eligible for a bowl. Of course, no one would even claim to be happy about making a bowl game at 6-6 after years of double digit wins under Pinkel.

If the Tigers can win these last two, they will be 7-5 and looking at the possibility of an 8 win season, a respectable total even if it’s slightly disappointing. But if the Tigers can close out with consecutive wins over Texas, Texas Tech, KU and then a bowl win, James Franklin will have preseason voters believing in the Tigers again. If not and it might be a tumultuous off-season in Missouri.