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Gary Pinkel Update: Punishment For Mizzou Coach Includes Community Service, Major Fine

Gary Pinkel's arrest for DWI late Wednesday evening has not gone without a swift and immediate response from Missouri University and Pinkel himself. In less than 24 hours, a detailed list of penalties - most hitting Pinkel's wallet - have been released:

  • Pinkel will not coach against Texas Tech this Saturday. He cannot gameplan or coach in any manner until Thanksgiving Day. He's also had that week's pay - roughly $40,769 according to the Kansas City Star, withheld.
  • As earlier reported, Pinkel will donate a week's salary to the MU Wellness Resource Center, which deals in substance abuse with drugs, tobacco and alcohol.
  • Pinkel will lose two bonuses: A potential $75,000 bonus for reaching a bowl game this season, as well as the forfeiture of a $100,000 social/academic incentive in his existing contract.
  • Pinkel will also perform 50 hours of community service and write an official letter of apology. A letter of reprimand from MU will be placed in his official record, as well.

Meanwhile, the Star has a piece focusing on how Pinkel's arrest and suspension complicates Senior Day for his players, who need one more win against either Tech or next week's opponent, Kansas, to become bowl eligible:

More than likely on Saturday, Pinkel will turn on his television and ponder what should have been. Earlier in the week, he discussed the emotions of Senior Day.

"It’s really hard to explain to people what that’s like," Pinkel said. "We get ’em when they’re 18 years old. I meet ’em when they’re seniors in high school.

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