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Gary Pinkel Pleads Guilty To DWI, Receives Suspended Sentence

Missouri coach Gary Pinkel pleaded guilty Friday morning to a class B misdemeanor for a DWI Wednesday night, beginning the process of moving on from the incident. 

Pinkel received a suspended sentence of 30 days and was put on probation for 2 years, but he will not actually serve any jail time. He will not have to pay a fine, but his driver's license will be suspended for a month.

In a statement on Missouri's website, Pinkel apologized for his actions:

Social responsibility and discipline are two things I constantly emphasize to our team. My lack of both in this instance will hopefully prove to be a teachable moment and serve as an example to others of what not to do. I've stressed to my players that there are consequences to your actions and I face stiff consequences for what I've done.

It will be the most difficult day of my professional life to not be with my team this Saturday. My heart goes out to this group of seniors who will be playing their final home game at The Zou. They've accomplished so much and I'm very proud of them. Don't let my mistake shed a negative light on the many outstanding ways all of our players represent Mizzou.

With the Tigers at 5-5, their game against Texas Tech, which Pinkel will miss, will be crucial in determining Missouri's bowl eligibility.