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Missouri Considering Football Stadium Expansion, According To Report

The privately funded potential addition would increase the Tigers' outdoor luxury seating by up to 2,500 seats.

According to the Columbia Daily Tribune, Missouri is mulling a plan a modest expansion to Farout Field as the Tigers move to the Southeastern Conference, despite hosting only one sellout this season. 

The current stadium capacity - just over 71,000 - currently ranks tenth in the SEC, and the expansion wouldn't do much to keep up with the Joneses in the new neighborhood: only 1,200 to 2,500 seats would be added, all "luxury outdoor" designations on the stadium's east side.

The report also indicated that, if approved, the expansion plan wouldn't use any tax dollars from the state, nor tuition or university reserves of any kind. Despite the potential expansion, Missouri's attendance has been very un-SEC this season, according to the Associated Press:

[Missouri athletic director Tim] Hickman said there are no plans to expand the seating capacity above what will be added with the club seats. Missouri has sold out only one home game this season, its homecoming victory over Iowa State., and had nearly 10,000 empty seats in its most recent home game, a Nov. 12.victory over Texas.

"I don't think our intention is to go out and 'build it and they will come,' " Hickman said. "I don't think adding pure numbers is priority No. 1. Our priorities are to accommodate our premium-level demand and also to keep our stadium as a first-class stadium."

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