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Tommy Tuberville's Message To Missouri Tigers: Replace Your Turf

The injuries are mounting and it's not just opponents who are complaining. From Missouri's own players making remarks (like wide receiver Bradley Marquez) to their own stars getting injured (like Henry Josey), it's clear that everyone involved wants to see the University of Missouri replace the turf at Faurot Field. Texas Tech head coach Tommy Tuberville is the latest to speak out about it.

"I don’t know enough about it. I heard officials complain about it. I heard other teams," Tuberville said. "It didn’t look any different to me. You could tell it was a little bit older, but I’m not an expert on that, so it’d be hard for me to compare what they have and what other people have. It’s just a different type of turf.

"Just reading things other coaches had said when they had problems. I think there was five knee injuries in the last two games on it. It’s just one of those deals. The older turf gets, the worse it gets and my understanding is they’re getting ready to replace it. So, it’s not a big issue now."