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Blaine Gabbert Remains Starting Quarterback For Jacksonville Jaguars

Jack Del Rio took out his starting quarterback. He's now ready to put him back in. The choices in Jacksonville aren't that great, but the Jaguars went big on Blaine Gabbert in the NFL Draft, so they're going to stick with him over Luke McCown despite neither quarterback playing particularly well. The former Mizzou star has failed to make the transition smoothly to the NFL, but the team still believes he's their QB of the future.


"After watching "the tape" on Monday, we suspect the Jags will say the same," writes Rotowire. "Gabbert's receivers dropped several passes against the Texans, including one by Marcedes Lewis that would've gone for an easy touchdown and made it a much tighter ballgame. When Luke McCown is your only alternative, a team may as well lean toward playing the younger player with more "potential." Gabbert was benched in the fourth quarter of Sunday's game, in favor of McCown."