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Are Missouri Tigers 'Making A Mistake' By Moving From Big 12 To SEC?

If you believe Chuck Neinas, the interim commish of the Big 12, the Missouri Tigers are making a mistake in their decision to leave the the Big 12 for the greener pastures of the SEC. Of course, to believe the boss of the old place of work is to believe an ex-girlfriend you dumped about how good or bad your new one is.

In a statement by Neinas today, he left no secret about his wishes concerning the Missouri Tigers and what decision he wished they would have made.

“The decision by the University of Missouri to leave the Big 12 Conference is disappointing,” Neinas said in a statement. “Mizzou has been a valuable member, with a Conference connection to schools in the Big 12 that dates back to 1907. I personally believe this decision is a mistake and that Missouri is a better fit in the Big 12. Once we have received a formal notice of withdrawal from Missouri, we will furnish it to our Board of Directors. The Board will review the situation and take appropriate action.”

The decision to leave certainly has its detractors. Some believe the possibilities in the SEC are greater in terms of potential success, better recruits, more money and overall prestige. Others believe that Missouri can and will get swallowed up in a larger pool and that they are a bad fit in the conference. Many bring up tradition on side of the fence or the other, arguing for or against long-held rivalries and relationships.

Either way, a decision has been made and everyone will have to live with it. Only time will tell whether or not Missouri made a mistake, but it’s clear folks will likely pay a lot more attention to the week to week activity of the SEC.