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Jay Bilas Believes Missouri Tigers Can Win Big 12 Basketball Championship

The Missouri Tigers are making believers out of everyone with their tremendous scoring ability that leads the nation in points per possession. And one of those converted to believing the Tigers could overtake Baylor and Kansas for the Big 12 crown is ESPN's Jay BIlas, who says that Frank Haith is doing a great job of helping Missouri find the right balance on their offense. He writes:

Missouri may be small, starting four guards and nobody over 6-foot-8, but the Tigers are really tough to match up with. I have not seen a better all-around guard this season than Marcus Denmon. The only other guards I would put with Denmon right now would be the Xavier Musketeers' Tu Holloway (who has been outstanding in Xavier's hot start) and Scott Machado of the Iona Gaels. In addition to Denmon, Missouri has gotten great performances from Kim English, who has been incredibly efficient and has bought in completely, and Phil Pressey, who is nearly impossible to stay in front of and is a wonderful passer and disruptive defender).

The spacing, movement, shooting and defensive intensity of Missouri have all been at a very high level. Can the Tigers still fall into "chuck-and-duck" mode sometimes? Sure. But when Missouri plays with a purpose and balances its attack mentality with disciplined decisions, the Tigers can beat anybody.