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Independene Bowl 2011: North Carolina's Dwight Jones Ruled Ineligible For Missouri Game

The upcoming Independence Bowl contest between the Missouri Tigers and North Carolina Tar Heels already features two teams aiming to get the best out of a 2011 resume they’d rather forget. North Carolina is going to find that task a bit more difficult with the news that star wide receiver Dwight Jones has been ruled ineligible to play due to his okaying the use of his likeness on a club’s promotional poster.

Bill Pollock reports, "Jones was ruled ineligible for the game after he allowed his name and photo to appear on a flyer promoting a party at a club in his hometown of Burlington which is just 30 miles from the UNC campus in Chapel Hill. The NCAA has a rule prohibiting athletes’ from lending their likeness to any promotional materials for off-campus, revenue generating establishments.

“Jones is going to play in the NFL next year, but may have played his last college game. Jones had 79 catches for 1,119 yards and 11 touchdowns.”