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Missouri Football Recruiting: Evan Boehm, Guard, Recommits To Tigers After Flirting With Auburn

The Missouri Tigers thought they had their man — offensive lineman Evan Boehm — last June, but then he decommitted as he said he wanted to check out other programs. Now they have their man back and Boehm says he’s sticking with his commitment this time.

He told the KC Star, “I wasn’t feeling that good for a while,” he said. “I talked to my parents and decided to back out and see if that feeling came back. “I wanted to take my visit and see what Auburn had in store. I went down there and I enjoyed myself a lot.”

Bud Elliot of SB Nation writes, “At 6’’3” and 300 pounds, Boehm is everything a coach looks for in a guard prospect. He’s not exceptionally long, but does have a nice frame. Boehm is big for a high schooler, but doesn’t carry the weight in a sloppy fashion.

“I particularly like that Boehm is comfortable playing in space, because he has the athleticism to do so. But he’s not a prospect who is scared to play in the proverbial “phone booth.” And that toughness or “want to” is very important at the guard position. Still, if Boehm keeps growing, he could play guard for the Tigers."