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Video: Missouri's Zaviar Gooden Makes A Ridiculous Interception Versus North Carolina In The 2011 Independence Bowl

Sometimes you see plays happen before your very eyes and your inner Vince Lombardi comes out.

"What in the hell's going on around here?!?"

This is precisely what I said when I saw the shenanigans and tomfoolery that ensued in the Independence Bowl between Missouri and North Carolina. I thought I was watching a follies video created by NFL Films, but alas, it was just a heads up play by a defender after everyone else involved had no idea what was going on.

UNC's Bryn Renner throws the pass to Dwight Jones who gets lit up trying to catch it, then it hits off of Mizzou's Kenronte Walker, then it hits off of Jones' back, then its caught by Zaviar Gooden. Wow.

Here is the video of the interception by Zaviar Gooden of Missouri versus North Carolina in the Independence Bowl.

Video courtesy of Throw The Flag Blog.

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