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Despite Breaking Trophy, Missouri Tigers Win Independence Bowl Over North Carolina

The Missouri Tigers could have taken the pre-game events as a curse or omen of sorts. Instead, they realized that they didn’t need luck or fate or anything remotely close to outside forces to win the 2011 Independence Bowl over the North Carolina Tar Heels with a 41-24 victory.

The Tigers’ mascot, Truman, broke the Independence Bowl trophy before the game. In an obvious accident, the break was the story of the afternoon before kickoff and Tigers fans hoped on Twitter that it wasn’t a foreshadowing of sorts. Instead, the Tigers rolled with a dominating performance on both sides of the ball.

“Confirmed that Truman broke the Independence Bowl Trophy,” wrote Harry Plumer. “Tried to pick it up during a photo op, and it took a tumble. Was imported crystal. Asked Truman if he broke the trophy. He nodded. Asked him what happened. Threw his paws in the air, then covered his eyes to mimic sobbing. … Truman seemed as sorry as a college kid in a Tiger suit can seem.”

The Tigers finished the season at 8-5, closing out 2011 with four straight victories.