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Former Mizzou DB Kevin Rutland Gets First NFL Start For Jaguars

Every NFL rookie always dreams of being in a starting role rather than riding the bench or playing on special teams. For Kevin Rutland, that dream is about to come true. Yet the former Missouri defensive back, who will be starting at cornerback for the Jacksonville Jaguars tomorrow night, says that he's quite ready for the chance.

"I’m just as ready as any starter has been in the past," Rutland said. "That’s just because of the way coaches prepare players around here. They don’t prepare you as a backup player. They prepare you as if tomorrow you’ll be in the game. That’s what we’ve done all year long, and I think it’s really helped me in my preparation for this week and for the weeks to come."

Rutland has six tackles so far in this NFL season. While at Missouri, he had 120 tackles and 6 interceptions in his career. He was also called the fastest Tiger on the roster.