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Independence Bowl 2011: Missouri Vs. North Carolina Match-Up Ranks No. 24 On Bowl Rankings List

It’s not the finish that either team can be that happy about. After all, the Missouri Tigers especially were hoping for another double digit win season, for James Franklin to prove to be the next great Missouri passer, and for Gary Pinkel to deliver another strong bowl game as the team heads into the greater frontier of the SEC. At this point, however, the Tigers are feeling good to just make it into a bowl game after being on the verge of missing out entirely.

Now they face the North Carolina Tar Heels and both teams are at 7-5. Dave Miller recently posted another Bowl Rankings Countdown previewing each bowl from 1 to 35 in terms of strongest to weakest bowl game match-up. He gives the Independence Bowl the No. 24 ranking and writes, “Mizzou dual-threat quarterback James Franklin will be tested by a defense that, while not a dominant force this fall, still has plenty of NFL talent.”

That’s not much in the way of a preview, and that’s also a sign of the level of interest in this game on the national level. At the very least, the ability to hit the 8-win total and gain another bowl win on the resumes of the school is enough for both teams to play for.