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2011 NFL Draft: Multiple Teams Have Cam Newton Over Blaine Gabbert?

2011 NFL draft season is underway which means a couple of things. First, everyone turns into a scout. Second, teams start lying. It's well known that teams will fudge the truth a little if it means throwing someone off the scent of a player they may be interested in.

We're not sure if that's happened here but Tony Pauline of Draft Insider reports that six NFL teams said they have Auburn QB Cam Newton as their top player on the board.

Last week in San Antonio at least six different teams said they rank Auburn quarterback Cam Newton as the number one prospect in the draft.  The opinions were comprised from scouts, personnel directors and a few coaches.  All had Newton rated clearly higher than Da'Quan BowersNick Fairley,Marcel Dareus and competing signal caller Blaine Gabbert.  We hear the Miami Dolphins have been inquiring heavily into Newton at this stage of the game.    

Interesting. I was thinking teams were leaning toward Gabbert being ranked over Newton but that may not be the case. If he's not the top quarterback taken, Gabbert would presumably be the second, and possibly still top 10, depending on quarterback needs.