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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Welcome To Vikings, Blaine Gabbert

The 2011 NFL draft is getting closer which means we're going to be seeing more 2011 NFL mock drafts. SB Nation has released their latest mock draft and it's time to take a look at where Missouri Tigers QB Blaine Gabbert may end up going.

Brian Galliford of SB Nation predicts he'll be wearing purple with the Minnesota Vikings at pick No. 12.

Blaine Gabbert, QB, Missouri. Minnesota's desperation for a quarterback seems higher than other teams', and this is a good value spot for Gabbert.    

This makes a lot of sense. Minnesota obviously needs a quarterback and Gabbert is expected to be one of the top two quarterbacks taken. This mock has Auburn QB Cam Newton headed to the Arizona Cardinals with the fifth pick. Newton's draft status is something Gabbert fans will want to keep an eye on. If a team is thinking about selecting Newton, then they're in need of a quarterback. Newton and Gabbert are seemingly rated close enough that a quarterback-needy team interested in Newton may have interest in Gabbert as well.

We saw over the last few weeks many mock drafts with Gabbert going ahead of Newton. That doesn't appear to be the case with every team. As we noted, Gabbert's stock seems to be slipping heading into the NFL Combine. 

It won't be until after the NFL Combine, and after these players visit a few teams, that we'll have a more realistic view of the draft board.