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2011 NFL Draft: Mike Mayock Says Take Blaine Gabbert Early If He's Your Guy

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NFL Network's Mike Mayock is generally considered one of, if not the best draft analyst currently in the game. He held a conference call with reporters this week and had some interesting things to say about Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert.

The question posed to him was, with the No. 5 overall pick, who should the Arizona Cardinals take. The choices: QB Blaine Gabbert, LB Von Miller or CB Patrick Peterson. Via Arizona Republic:

"I go back to what I always say," Mayock said. "If you believe there is a franchise quarterback, that trumps every other need. And since Kurt Warner retired, that underscores that point better than anything I can say. So if you believe Gabbert is the guy, you've got to take him right there. I think they have to be evaluating him right now."

This is a no-brainer if they like Gabbert. It's never too early to take a quarterback, especially if you don't have one. Gabbert has some things that scouts are going to love so I think this is a very real possibility. And, for Gabbert, playing with Larry Fitzgerald wouldn't be so bad, huh?

"But if they believe like I believe that Gabbert is a top 10 pick, that would be my guy at No. 5."

We haven't yet heard Mayock's complete scouting report of Gabbert but I'm interested to see it. Gabbert's size and arm make him a valuable player next April. But how much stock do you put into the offense he played in at Missouri? Will that hurt him? If so, how much? Those are questions we can't answer exactly and won't be completely answered until next April.