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2011 NFL Mock Drafts Once Again Say Blaine Gabbert To Buffalo Bills

When looking at where QB Blaine Gabbert may go in the 2011 NFL draft, you have to first identify the teams that could conceivably pick a quarterback. That position isn't like others where you may go with the best available. You only pick a quarterback if you need one. The Indianapolis Colts, for example, aren't going to pick a quarterback in the first round even if that's the best available player.

One of the teams some think could be select a quarterback is the Buffalo Bills. I've already said that I think the Bills would go with QB Cam Newton over Gabbert because I think head coach Chan Gailey would prefer a more athletic quarterback (not to say Gabbert's not athletic). 

SB Nation's latest 2011 NFL mock draft comes courtesy of Brian Galliford and they say Gabbert will be in Buffalo with the third pick:

Right now, quarterback is a trendy pick for the Bills, and with good reason: in Ryan Fitzpatrick, they have a guy that can bridge the gap until a new guy is ready to play. It seems odd, however, that Cam Newton gets all the play here when Gabbert has the tools to be the better pro.    

What's noteworthy is that Galliford is SB Nation's Bills blogger at Buffalo Rumblings so he's more tuned into the Bills draft than anyone. This isn't a new prediction as other mock drafts have pegged him in Buffalo but I find it interesting that Galliford of all people would predict he lands in Buffalo.

The next step in the NFL draft process is the 2011 NFL Combine later this week. That's where we'll see players rise and fall based on how they run and catch in shorts.

For more on Gabbert, check out SB Nation's Missouri blog, Rock M Nation.