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Kansas State Wildcats Pro Day Will Be On March 15th

The Kansas State will hold a pro day on March 15th as several Wildcats prepare for the 2011 NFL draft. The pro day will be a chance for scouts to come out and watch the draft prospect perform drills in their own hometown. The logistical purpose of it is so that NFL folks can gather in one spot to see that school's pro prospects.

The big name at the Kansas State pro day will be RB Daniel Thomas. We're not quite sure exactly where Thomas will be selected but he's an interesting to see where he does go. He's been productive and has good size at 6'2" and 228 pounds. Thomas is the biggest name that on K-State that could be drafted. 

In other Big 12 pro day news, Nebraska will hold their pro day on March 10 and Missouri on March 17.

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